I'm Omer


Full Stack Developer | WordPress Enthusiast | Loves Music & Food


Little About Me

Born as a millenium, life has shown me so much diversity that my ability to adapt has become more of a habit than a survival skill, a constant urge to learn has left me restless. Given a place to sit and research, I’ll probably figure out the formula to immortality or the largest possible prime number, as long as there’s tea, chess and my guitar to chill out every now n’ then. For many years I have worked as Lead Developer and Project Manager at Base29, a development agency that I am proud to have co-founded with my brother. Base29 acts as a remote development team for agencies in the APAC region, with a focus on custom web development (particularly WordPress themes). Some examples of work I am particularly proud of can be seen here.


Things I've Made

Making something with your own two hands and mind is a very satisfying and pleasurable experience and knowing that your creation was helpful to someone else ignites a flame of pride within and encourages to create more. I find myself busy at times but I do my best to create more and more projects, some physical and others in form of source. I am a very experienced WordPress developer and have lead the development of over 200 custom themes during my 7 years at Base29. We also produced upwards of 20 custom plugins. A lot of my work cannot be publicly displayed (as Base29 was a development partner) however examples are available privately on request.


My Tool Box

LESSSASSCSS3AngularJSHTML5jQueryJavaScriptReactJSRuby on RailsPythonNodeJSPHPCodeIgniterPy CharmTypeScriptJoomlaShopifyLaravelWordPressMagentoBootstrapElectronGruntCordovaDrupalAndroidiOSRaspberry Pi 3Adobe PhotoshopGithubIonicMySQLGulpGolangSketchUpAdobe PremierNetBeansRuby MineAdobe IllustratorCoral DrawPro Tools | FirstPHP StormAndroid StudioXcodeTerminal / CLIVisual Studio Code


Loves To

Just like Superman, I too have a mellower side to blend into the normal world. Besides my professional life, I love to do the following:

  • Play guitar
  • Produce music
  • Write codes
  • Hard-Core gaming
  • Grow my own food
  • Invent new stuff
  • Play chess
  • Learn & Teach
  • Movies freak
  • Photography / Videography

Contact Me

Feel free to contact me for hiring or any other queries or you can Download My CV. I will try to get back to you ASAP.

Got it... Thanks ;-)